Star Citizen - #WeHateMobiGlas - design an immersive gaming interface, not this thing.

I suspect the original function of Star Citizen's MobiGlas was to 'give the player a one-stop solution to all the info he need;, his stats, his missions, his place in the verse...' non-quote. I'm sure that would have been the original aim. But (like the clunky ship-manifest screens) it's shit...  Star Citizen isn't supposed to be a MobiGlas game, it's supposed to be about Star Citizen'ing.

And CIG don't tell me, "We can improve the glowing semi-transparent interface so that it works with all lighting conditions and backgrounds," I don't mean that. I mean, "Get a fucking game-specific interface," i.e. THINK about what Star Citizen's about. Make the interface WORK WITHIN THE THREE-DIMENSIONAL FRUSTRUM OF THE GAME CAMERA. There's nothing worse than a Spreadsheet game. Don't do that to the player in 2018. Don't make him fly a fucking spreadsheet.

This may refer back to my earlier gripe(s) about Doors and Hyperspa…

abstract art - Mike Philbin - new solo exhibition in Oxford UK

My solo exhibition of recent abstract art on canvas, in Caffe Nero @ Oxford UK's flagship Blackwell's book store in Broad Street, was brought forward from mid-December to right now. The exhibition officially opened at 9am on the 4th December 2017, and is due to close on the 31st January 2018: so eight weeks.

There's a combined A4 laminated BIO and PRICELIST dotted round the show, and all the paintings have a relevant number, from 1 to 12, but they're abstract and therefore there is no title to help you work out what the image is supposed to mean to you.

Current customer/colleague favourite, below, is the gloss-white on white canvas. If you go, let me know, I'm just downstairs in the Broad Street > Norrington Room > Science Dept.

Klimt and Schiele MET?

I didn't know this, and I'm delighted to discover, that two of my favourite figurative artist Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele actually met in person, here captured together in this image circa 1902.

Star Citizen - nope - can't work out what it is

as far as I can tell.... nope, there's no point!

Is it a Manual Handling game or is it a Thinkerterface game?
Is it a Quantum Engine travel game or a Pre-chosen Jump Point game?
Is it a MobiGlas game or is it a 1987's-styled screen-menu game?
Even more demanding at this juncture, "Is it a first person or third person game?"

Personally, Star Citizen is about THE WAY WE SEE OUR UNIVERSE and for me that's third person all the way. But this game needs a massive interface overhaul to accommodate a narratively useful third person gaming experience. And it'd work, trust me.

Star Citizen's out there in 3.0 alpha version and good luck to you if you're in 'the verse'. If I were in production of this game I'd start from scratch, choose which of the above games (and game modes) we want it to be, and get on with making entry-exit and space-desert just flow better. Currently, "I just can't work out what the hell it's supposed to be," and…

Steven Boucher - Earth is 'just a ride' - the spiritual/historical aspect of the UFO experience

See, this is just weird, and one UFO Experiencer I haven't yet heard... Steven Boucher. He tells of a couple of abduction or visitor experiences he's had (at age 4 and age 14). He talks about the spirit (not religion). He talks about the 'greys'. His story is conveyed in a perfectly flat lucid Canadian monotone and it's made me want to research his story quite a lot more.

"I ain't going down there, dad," Bill Hicks talking about Jesus 1992-3 :)

...and here's a follow-on bit about Boucher's hypnosis sessions with legendary UFO-investigator Bud Hopkins, which kinda fills me with a kind of dread... I'm not convinced by Bud's stuff, let's say.

FURTHER STUDY: if you were chilled by Boucher, get ready to be machine-gunned by the delivery of (official) UFO-blogger Grant Cameron - a completely different style of delivery, trust me.

Marjoleine Boonstra - Icarus Films Documentary - The Silence of Mark Rothko

I love me some Rothko, I've always loved Mark's art, take the beautiful opening shot of this clip from Marjoleine Boostra's 2014 documentary on the man.

Right away, with the bi-symmetry of the opening image, you can see how it's easy to just fall into his worlds, his sense-stalllations...

THE SILENCE OF MARK ROTHKO Clip from Icarus Films on Vimeo.

FURTHER RESEARCH REAPS REAL REWARDS: this morning, whilst trawling more Rothko footage looking for an interview with the man himself preferably, I came across this two-part interview with his daughter Kate Rothko discussing her father's exhibition in Rome.

And while it starts off with a discussion of the later black and grey paintings painted shortly before his death in 1970 stick with it. Right at the end of the walk-around, we end up in the PASTEL ON PAPER room. And he was pastelling at the same time as black-greying. I didn't know that Rothko experimented with this ghostly pastel feminine medium, AND I FUCKING LOVE…