Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Free Planet - Stop Profit - End Slavery

not who you think it is...

"Mike, how can stopping profit end slavery?" I'm glad you asked. First, let's look at a couple of Oxford Dictionary definitions.

A financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something. [source OX DIC]
The practice or system of owning slaves: a condition of having to work very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation.[source OX DIC]

So, what am I selling here? Selling? Nothing. This is Free Planet, did you forget? I'm simply making a valid point by juxtaposing two essential nee fundamental ingredients to the SLC or Societal Layer Cake; the sociopaths, the clueless and the losers.

Background info: every five years or so, we the slaves are invited to vote for yet another incongruous political party who will attempt to pull at the same piece of economic string as the last shower and enslave us in a variety of set ways, in the name of the Reigning Monarch. That's all Parliament (or Congress for my American readers/followers) is, a way for the Current Owners to squeeze more revenue from their installed worker-ants.

See, although the losers and the clueless were asked to fund all the armies and participate in the wars that 'won the land from our enemies', it's still the sociopaths or slave masters who own everything and reap the rewards; benefit. And remember, all profit is calculated only after all expenses have been removed. Or don't you get it, yet?

"But I'm not a slave, Mike, I don't know where you're getting this bogus information from..." you'll say, defending your liberty, your entrepreneurship, your free market. You've never looked into the Spy Game as it pertains to the corporate world and the world of high finance and terror banking, so shut the fuck up. You'll never understand how Economic Hitmen are sent into countries to decimate their economies for future profit-mongers to bottomline the profitability out of them. Good for them, bad for you. The intel agencies are there to Protect Patents, that's all.

"But I am my own man," you'll whine like Charlie-Choc's Veruka Salt, striving for a positive self-image that doesn't involve you admitting to yourself that you're nothing more than an ass-fucked serf in an apron or raped serving maid fitting her camisole back in place before invited guests arrive to celebrate the brutal War World that will claim the lives of your children's children from under you.

You'll always look away from Your Reality™, coward.

But I'm being too harsh on you, poor slave; it's not really your fault. Your Slave Education starts at school and even before that, at the sucking teat - be a good citizen, don't rock the boat, good grades = good job. Punish the thinkers, the rebels, the non-conformists. But let's say you break your programming...

You want retribution.
You want people to blame, names named.
You're looking for culprits to punish, so who is this ruling elite?

You're an idiot. Well, you are - by design - you just don't get it. Company executives come and go all the time. Conglomerate, financing or banking roles are filled, and vacated, every day. But You The People are always there. In the slave-labour camps or company offices. In the factories, the homes, the prisons. Never benefiting from profit because you're not allowed to take out personal expenses from your slave wage. You're taxed at source, as if you have NO OVERHEADS. As if...

You're all slaves to profit because you fund everything - but you won't ever understand why. Maybe in ten, twenty or (more likely) one hundred years from now mankind will have been allowed to understand what a horrific for-profit War World our ancestors inhabited. But by then, what will humanity, what will society, what will you look like?

Only you can decide.

KAREN HUDES SPELLS IT OUT FOR YOU:  Karen Hudes is a whistleblower from the World Bank's legal department and a World Bank bondholder. I'm not totally convinced of her personal motivation for doing what she does, but she's actually 'doing what she does' and spilling her World Banking Guts revelations all over the world. L3. Listen. Learn. Legalese... Leave it to the experts. LOL.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Al Jazeera - The Spy Cables - a glimpse into the world of espionage

I was out on business when this news broke, yesterday.

In fact a woman on a bus told me about this breaking news at 9 p.m. last night. According to the Guardian, she proclaimed, "Al Jazeera has just released tonnes of secret documents on the covert operations of Mossad, CIA and MI6," well, this morning, I had to have a look.

And this is what I found...

Al Jazeera reckon there's much more to come, but among the initial revelations, leaked via the South African Security Services, the Spy Cables disclose how:
  • Israel's Mossad told its allies that Iran was not working to produce nuclear weapons just a month after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned it was barely a year from being able to do so;
  • The CIA made attempts to contact Hamas directly despite the US government listing the Palestinian group as a "terrorist organisation";
  • Britain's MI6 sought South African help in an operation to recruit a North Korean official who had previously refused their cash; and
  • South African and Ethiopian spies struggled to "neutralise" an assassination plot targeting a leading African diplomat. [source AL JAZEERA]

But do these 'tactical releases?' really tell us anything about how our War World is funded and who are really responsible for some of the greatest corporate atrocities in our modern (fascist) for-profit patent-protect world?

"Free Planet, Free Planet, Free Planet," is the only way we'll see the real players of the Global Chess Game or Naked Lunch truth at the end of every private fork.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Keiser Report - Blackwater War World Order - an exploding global market for conflict

look, there's really decent money to be made from War World or Corporate War Starters like Blackwater. You know that armies are no longer to defend one's state/country from invasion but to wage for-profit ordo ab chao or Order From Chaos.

Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert go into the scandalous fine granularity of this private mercenary patent-protective War Worlding: actually, they've been going on about this for years now and if you haven't listened then you'll probably not listen now.

Stay on your backs, sheople, keep pissing on your soft bellies.

FURTHER CORPORATE WAR WORLDING: here's American author, historian, economist, journalist and lecturer Webster Griffin Tarpley more than ten years ago talking about the issue of Synthetic Terror and its connection to 9/11 or the World Trade Center attacks for those readers of Free Planet who are too young to remember that three skyscrapers WTC 1, 2 & 7 collapsed into their own footprint at freefall acceleration on one magical-fantasy day in Manhattan New York in 2001 because of office fires on several floors - without the building regulations pertaining to such having changed on iota since this tragicomedy occurred.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

is Australia the slid impact-remnant of Earth's smaller second Moon?

could this have been pre-Australia looming over early Earth?

Australia is so strange, so alien to this Earth in terms of tectonic position and flatness and rock age. Elsewhere, there's almost uniform tectonic plate shifting and aging, whereas in the western Pacific there's this flattened lump of land called Australia and NOTHING ELSE in the devastation zone apart from a few volcanic spurts of islandage; Hawaii, Indonesia, Polynesia etc. It's like a lump of rock landed on the western edge of the Pacific plate and bounced off.

In fact, the following illustration shows what appears to be the impact site in the Marianas Trench region: old rocks in blue, new rocks in red. New Zealand and Indonesia would be the Impact Remnants of the second-moon landing that became present-day Australia (the video below does support such trailing debris for such an angled impact).

does this blue mark show where Australia landed, in the Mariana Trench 180 m.y.a. then slid south-west?

Planets and other rocks in space can have the same make-up, especially with the same accretion disc radial locality, so don't give me that look. Examine the gaps between the planetary debris fields...

  • Saturn's rings + satellites
  • Sun's rings + satellites's all the same Solar System creation model.

furthermore, here's a DEPTH OF OCEAN image, again suggesting Australia crash-landed

and the lower southsouthwestern edge of Australia is compressed, turning a disc into a soft-croissant shape... this also gives us a DIRECT VERTICAL PATH for the impactor, free-falling in to our atmosphere just to the north-east of the impact site in the Marianas Trench region.

Incidentally, both the Himalayas and the Rockies are radially equidistant from this ancient impact site of our second smaller moon, if that's indeed what it is. And to those who say, "But plate tectonics shows that Australia is moving NEy, not SWy," you're right. It's moving NEy now as a result of having already settled upon the Australian plate.

I have a radius of 400 km, calculated from Australia's present surface area of 8,000,000 km2 and average crustal depth of 40 km, for the original second moon - now that's a lot smaller than my speculative visual mock-up at the top of this post: much smaller. Maybe some egghead could email/comment the calculations for the slowest gravitational impact speeds of two such bodies. I do know the Earth wobbles potentially because of such an impact and the Pacific Region is literally ruined or eradicated due to such. Is it possible that Australia was once Earth's (nearer, smaller) SECOND MOON and eventually soft-landed under free-fall gravitational forces hitting the Earth and splatting like the lead impactor in a slo-mo bullet impact video, like this:

that bullet remnant on the last frame, "That's Australia," is my contention.

FURTHER READING LATER: so, I thought, "Dinosaurs in Australia..."

If I find fossils of dinosaurs from post 200,000,000 years, my idea is dead in the water. There were stinky ancient bacteria from 3.5 billion years ago found which could tie in with the result of debris from an original moon-forming collision... but... look what I found via this graphical timeline of list of Australian dinosaurs.

wow, Australia had no dinosaurs before 200,000,000 years?

The last great dinosaur die-of occurred at the end of the Triassic-Jurassic boundary at approximately 200,000,000 years ago which would coincide with the relatively slow (in galactic terms) vertical arrival of Australia i.e. Earth's lost 400 km moonlet, into what is now the deepest ocean in the world i.e. the Marianas Trench, west-Pacific.

I suspect many of these ELEs or Extinction Level Events of the dinosaurs etc. happened as a result of the debris from the original collision that formed our moon (about 4.5 billion years ago) eventually cooling and sequentially falling to Earth many hundreds of millions of years later from low near-geosynchronous orbit. Based on past ELE timelines, it's feasible that Earth might have had several wondrous (sub 400 km) moonlets or moon-formed remnants in its skies for many hundreds of millions of years, seen only by the now-extinct dinosaurs. Each of them successively falling closer and closer to Earth until only our one contemporary moon remained.

The other issue with the dinosaurs problem is, "The 400km moonlet that struck in the Mariana Trench might have obliterated or dislodged landmasses that were already in that region." So the dinosaur record for Australia might originate from a more NEy landmass that its landing shattered. I mean, if you look at Australia, the tectonicists tell you it was formed from THREE separate slabs of land.

My other (newer) question is, "Iff this is proven," can we draw a picture of the Pacific region BEFORE Australia landed? I mean, "There's been some serious land-movements and crustal-deformities because of it," right? Astrophycists and plate-tectonicists unite!

ADDITIONAL TAMU MASSIF INFORMATION: Dr. William Sager talks about the discovery of a massive underwater ancient volcano in the Mid Pacific Ocean called Tamu Massif that is in the same position and SE-NW orientation as the 'proposed collision remnant' or bullet trace of the 400 km low orbit second moon in the above conceptual-garbage. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Variety - Blomkamp - Alien Reboot? Alien Prequel? No, pre-Aliens the film in-between the first two

now, that's what I call sexy
According to this article in Variety, Blomkamp (Neill) the South African director who gave the cinema world District 9, Elysium and Chappie is pencilled in to be doing a new Alien film -- hopefully a FFR or Full Franchise Reboot with all the ugly Giger-porn put back in that Prometheus took out.

I also hope that Blomkamp will 'address the hive' issue. Alien was always, for me, a Rogue Trooper, maybe even the only one left. While Cameron's Aliens was a fun-grunt ride, we didn't need 'all those aliens' like that. We certainly didn't need no Queen ruling them all with a camp hiss. We just need the story of the Space Trucker, the oliphant-Ganesha-like cargo driver from Alien. And the seduction of the Dark One i.e. Satan or Xeno, as he insinuates himself into Early Man's Life Experience.

We don't even need another lame xenomorph film, we just need this question answering, "Who is this Ganesha-like hyperspace-chair'd space-jockey on LV426 and what's the War World financial significance of his/her eggy cargo?" are the ancient humans the CURRENCY of these galactic warriors and ferrymen?

Adult inspiration? There's tonnes of the shit on the 'net - just google "Giger is God". Please REBOOT ALIEN PREQUEL, Blommers, please! Get us to LV426, and want to be there.

Yes, a world of MSW or Mechanised Satan Worship exemplifies NWO

thirteen thousand years ago - would you Adam & Eve it?

in fact, task #1 make a(n Alien Reboot) film that explains THIS ^^^

WEEKS LATER UPDATE: oh, dear, according to a new interview in Variety, seems like Blomkamp doesn't want to do Alien Reboot or Alien Prequel, which might have answered many of the questions set in Ridley Scott's original slasher-in-space, he wants to do the Alien to Aliens film. The following image suggests the original LV-426 Space Jockey-driven delerict gets transported back to some off-world Area 51-style research/back-engineer facility and I guess Blomkamp'll go into the Militarisation of Space with the inception of those loud-proud Space Marines and all that crap. A very said day for the hauntingly sexual-demonic creative genius of the Swiss artist H. R. Giger. Rest in Peace, fella, they're fucking up everything you ever created. Make Love not War, got forgotten.

is this being deconstructed, or constructed?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Alfred Labremont Weber is not afraid of the big bad pedo wolf

concerned that their story wasn't being heard, I blog'd about the case of these two kids from Hampstead in London and their insanely bizarre and disturbing testimony to a family friend that's being dubbed the Mask of Zorro case i.e. Coached Kids or Satanic Child Abuse, over a week ago simply because there were no MSM or Mainstream Spineless Media outfits highlighting it...

In an interview from Germany with Sabine Kurjo McNeil, the “McKenzie Friend” or legal helper to Ella, the mother of two Whistleblower children, Gabriel an 8 year old boy and Alisa his 9 year old sister, whose video documenting a sustained pedophile ritual sexual abuse abuse... [source NEWSINSIDEOUT]

Finally, someone as influential as Alfred Labremont Weber (whose youtube channel has 28,000 subscribers) picks up the gauntlet to continue this war against the non-disclosure of the UK's hideous hi-level child abuse pedo rings networks - watch and learn.

what happens if/when we find out that our own Secret Services have known all about these pedo-rings for the last fifty years or more, and did nothing?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Free Planet series - thanks guys - you did the right thing

kinda cynical and sarcastic view of the post-covert war world you once lived in, as seen from the future of a Free Planet

it's also the opening credit sequence of the forthcoming novel REAPER (free planet #3) here's the relevant transcript:

Without country, you became a ruthless global populace who suffered no fools. Protected no clandestine secrets. Decided to make this home world the most amazing place in the universe. You wouldn't believe how unworthy this endless war planet used to be. Well done, my free planet friends, I love living in a world based on creativity, passion and kinship. We can go anywhere we like, we do anything we want, we are anything we care to and we're all inspired to make this planet the best place to bring up our future children.
"Do right by free planet," it's like a song that we sing every day, through our resonating bodies.
It's in our collective interest to shine this home world like it's never shone before. Vibrant, exciting and yes dangerous - but that's what humanity needs, life. Diversity. Living, again, after decades of consumerist slumber where we were told how to think, when to breathe and how much to pay. Why didn't we do this millennia ago?
Anyway, cheers, guys; you did the right thing breaking the chains of your corporate bondage.
[source FP3 Reaper by Mike Philbin, due 2015]

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DICE does Star Wars Battlefront - oh, yes!

yes, it does say 'early in-engine footage'

DICE are a tech-obsessed games company based in Sweden who've been contracted to bring to market the latest instalment of Lucas Arts' Star Wars Battlefront franchise. Dice made the seminal, brave and excellent (if flawed) first person parcour game Mirror's Edge back in 2008 and are promising to re-release a newly enhanced version soon.

Dice have continued to make the Battlefield series through 2014 so they are sufficiently adept at bringing the realism of intense conflict and human drama to the console. Based on Dice's efforts in this area in their previous games, the Star Wars audio is gonna rock.

DICE are now putting the final touches to Star Wars Battlefront, a PSP instalment of which I worked on at Rebellion here in Oxford in 2008, but it didn't look this good! Here's their 2014 E3 teaser trailer for the new Star Wars Battlefield incarnation - wow!

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT E3 2013 TEASER TRAILER: in case you missed it. There has to be a full game trailer or ingame-session footage due at some point, right? This is a gloriously insane and realistic in-game-engine sequence (as I predicted, the audio is top notch)...

Monday, February 09, 2015

HSBC scandal as bad as BICC scandal as bad as 1815 Rothschild scandal?

everybody's using this google image

Personally, I don't care who claims what about HSBC in the latest in the series of banking cock-ups because they just get their wrists slapped and write how they "Won't do it again, occifer." These secretive global financial operators are notorious back-room wheeler-dealers and will do ANY FUCKING THING to secure their hold of their market share. Any. Fucking. Thing.

I mean, a convicted paedophile serial killer promises to, "Clean up his act and be a good boy from now on," do we let him teach children in our schools? Help out at swim class? Work at a paediatric hospital?

Anyway, I'm only here for the beer - and the Elders of Zion.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Mask of Zorro - coached kids or this hideous abuse really happened to them - Anonymous gets involved

"However, six days after reporting the crimes to Barnet Police on 05 September 2014, the children were taken into ‘protective custody’ and subsequently to two different foster carers. Medical examinations initiated by the Police confirmed scarring in the rectum area of both children. The hearing of the boy is impaired due to the father’s hitting and excessive shouting. Two weeks later, the Police told her that the children retracted the allegations and that the investigation was closed. The explanation was that the children made their story up from the film “The Mask of Zorro”. Strangely, this film has been used in another case as an excuse, I am told." [source NIOOHCSA]

This child abuse case has been simmering in and out of court for months now. A 12-day fact finding hearing is scheduled to start on 16 February at the Royal Courts of Justice in London – in the secrecy of family courts – without the general public or any media... so, what do the kids say happened to them? Not for the squeamish. Disturbing and poignant.

This is an intriguing story and I can't work out whether these are a) COACHED KIDS or b) THIS HIDEOUS ABUSE REALLY HAPPENED TO THEM. In fact, this testimony is so fucked up, I hope it's just the kids making this shit up. It's too wrong, iff true. Too wrong that nothing is being done about this problem via the courts and police and politics.

Michael Mansfield QC on LBC lays out his concern that the Government "Ought To Realise The Urgency" On Abuse Inquiry.

the largest media expose of this story has just hit the airwaves via the ever-sensational Clyde Lewis Radio Show from USA where he's running a piece on International Paedophilia Rackets and HOW YOUR FUCKING WORLD REALLY WORKS. Scroll to the 00:45:00 point in this three-hour expose to hear the children's interview footage above and the show about it. Sky News suggests that ANONYMOUS are gonna start hacking their way through the allegations of Institutionalised Child Abuse within the BBC and Governments since the 1980s - no one knows how they're going to do this, or even who/what Anonymous are, and by this I mean it could be a delicious covert-false-flag opportunity to fcuk everyone in the ass for-profit. Beware all god-fearing crap the Godma-industry splurts. Beware 'the truth' as delivered..

As well as that, another video has just surfaced of the boy in this nightmare matter-of-factly describing the distinguishing marks on his abusers' adult bodies. All too depressing and sad and wholly debunkable with just a few simple searches of persons accused...  at that point, all this ends.

TWO WEEKS LATER UPDATE: oh, well, it was only a matter of time... as you can see, the four videos, out of the whole Google-folder collection of about twenty videos, have all gone missing. Funny that, innit?

Saturday, February 07, 2015

UFO TV - David Adair at Area 51 - Advanced Symbiotic Engine

The ASE or Advanced Symbiotic Engine that Adair touched "felt like a frog belly" and "thought waves drive the engine," UNQUOTE

Space technology transfer consultant and former rocket whiz kid David Adair speaks out for the first time on camera in this interview about his remarkable encounters with an alien engine, DOD agents, and Air Force General Curtis Lemay in 1971 at Groom Lake, Nevada (Area-51). Hear first hand testimony about advanced alien technology and our military's most closely guarded secrets surrounding the UFO phenomena. [source UFOTV]

Thursday, February 05, 2015

HC Unit - Why is Tired Light more fundamentally important than Receding Stars?

red-shifted light spectra for various celestial bodies

this is a dead simple one to answer, but in answering it I'll alter your understanding of the universe in FORBIDDEN WAYS.

Ready, part 1?
"HC Unit - Why is Tired Light more fundamentally important than Receding Stars?" that's the title of this blogpost, and the repercussions of the answer are so much more important than ideas posited by the Big Bangists. The light we see from stars in this Big Bang (expanding universe) model was from a star in that position millions of years ago. Since then, it's even further away... and further every day. Our neighbours are falling further and further down the rabbit hole. It's all about the frame of context for the findings - it's near impossible to blindly discern whether you're in a spinning g-machine or whether you're on a high-gravity world. Unless you KNOW.

Ready, part 2?
Consider that red-shifted light only shows us how long that light has been travelling. It has nothing to do with receding stars or Big Bang. For the point of this argument, the stars can be solid loci, fixed in space. More or less. Light, however is anything but fixed and degrades CONSTANTLY towards the microwave frequencies. This could be some inter-stellar process as simple as successive clouds of stardust acting as a dispersal/refractional medium on the light.

Ready, part 3?
The HC Unit model of light suggests rather than a photon beam pouring out, THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE falls into the excess caused at the HC Unit focus. Light is this larger and larger spread of the universe falling in like Tetris blocks to cure the excess. Settle the debt. Solve the stress equation. Effectively, what we see as the 'substance of spacetime through the mirror of this expelled photon' relaxes as it pulls into the star-source from further and further out based on expanding radius of HC Unit FALL IN. So, the stars are there, where they'll have always been throughout history. Mostly. Suddenly, this red-shift-degradation of light via wide-arc Universal Equilibrium gives us an idea of the real distance to the stars.

What we need 'science' to start calculating is the rate of degradation of light... it will be a very long time (potentially) and we don't even know if this rate of Light Tiring is a constant. It might be affected by all sorts of other conditions on its journey from its source to our telescopes and spectral analysers, as suggested above.

Mike Philbin - personal artist/writer statement - 2015 and beyond...

used to be a real artist
"Life is like a box of terrorists, you never know which one your government's going to use against you for-PROFIT PATENT-protect reason."

This is not the opening line to anything someone wrote, it's just that way things are. So, what can we do as a
race of hierarched upon underslaves and worker ants? Nothing, we just have to take the scalding water of law, "As our societal rank dictates."

Unless... we break free of mind prisons and profit wars and vomit dogma. Unless we 'Free Planet' this whole near-molten sphere in space and start afresh, build some love. Maybe it's too late. Maybe we're stuck in a rut. Maybe no one really cares about self-Genocide.

Anyway, enough of the polemic, on with the 'soapbox introduction' with a cheery grin of the marketing demon, "Hi, I'm Mike Philbin from Oxford. I'm 49 years old. I've been writing and independent publishers have been publishing my surrealist sex-horror nightmare fictions in short story, collaboration and novel format since 1985. I also used to be a figurative oil painter, and rebel with no real cause."

Currently, I'm hunkered down behind enemy lines completing TWO COMPETING TRILOGIES at the same time. Free Planet vs War World. 2015 should see this double-triumvirate of conspiratorial bed-fellows cum 2 fruition all over your gaping face and lashed back. Here's the paperback money shot...

Custodian (free planet #1) 2013
Liberator (free planet #2) 2014
Reaper (free planet #3) 2015 i.e. soon

Tandem (war world #1) 2013
Watcher (war world #2) 2014
Kumiko (war world #3) 2015 i.e. soon

Yeah, this is gonna hurt...

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Spherical Flying Machine - Developed by the research department - Japan Ministry Of Defense

flies like a death sphere

DigInfoNews featured this spooky Spherical Flying Machine Developed by Japan Ministry Of Defense and the way it moves makes me think of the flying chrome knife-drill death-sphere in the 1980's film Phantasm - bowel-hauntingly horrific and skin-shudderingly dystopian. And it can creep up on you by rolling along uneven ground and its visual system is mercury aligned. Eesh!

David Crowley r.i.p. - Gray State: The Rise - Raw, Uncut Documentary

Free Planet is all about a Custodian lifestyle where the race of man leaves as small a footprint upon his home world as possible via his system of floating home Diversities.

This means no more PROFIT, no more PATENT, no more WARS, RELIGION, MARKETING, DOGMA or PRISONS of any kinds. No more borders to fight wars for. No more arbitrary lawsets to adhere to. No more slavery of a global work force in the production of pointless fucking product. Free Planet means a Re-Wilding of the planet and an end to Empire-growing mine, mine, mine...

It's a bit sad that the lauded Free Market Forces mentioned in this Gray State video are the ultimate lie and simply/effectively propagate the Corporate-War-World Chess Game against You The People, but it's worth showing you this naive documentary just so that you can have your mind taken at least this far. Speaking frankly, this Free Planet is not yours to own (you dumb fucker); it's everyone's to protect and share and enjoy and make more beautiful and wild and exciting than its been since hunter-gatherers became enslaved farmers.

Final step is a Custodian-led Free Planet for all... first step, of many, is avoidance or at least awareness of the burgeoning Gray State:

For those who are unaware, 'Gray State' writer/director David Crowley was recently MURDERED!?!?!? along with his family in attempt to silence the truth of the emerging 'police state' from getting out to the masses, one of the latest 'hits' upon watchmen and US Veterans who will not go along with the New World Order 'martial law' agenda. [source GRAY STATE]