Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Andrew Gough - Heretic Magazine Editor - Ancient Bee Worship and the Honey Drug Barons

not only have we lost our interest in the bee, but we appear to have lost all knowledge of Bees and Beekeeping in Ancient Times.

In fact, more than that, it seem that there were ANCIENT BEE CULTS spreading from Mesopotamia to Egypt and into Minoa and beyond... very interesting (deep) bee research.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: for those who want to delve further into this fascinating (near forgotten) subject here's an a more in-depth presentation from three years ago at Truth Juice Bristol by Andrew Gough about the ancient and venerated Bee Goddess.

Honey, Poo-bear and King Arthur... the beehive is everywhere in our (manufactured-apiary) Culture. The bees are dying, by design? What's the 'illuminati' really up to? What is their ultimate amoral corporate-greed agenda END GAME? I think we're still (all) in the allegorical labyrinth.

"Is the recent destruction of the bees a symbollic pre-cursor or message about our future extinction due to dirty-air and other insidious corporate-war machinations?" a ramping up of the War On You The People.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hertzan Chimera - Free Planet vs War World - dual/duelling novel/trilogies one year on

the Free Planet and War World dual/duelling trilogies have been out in paperback and Kindle etc. for a year now, and I've not really done anything to promote them.

NO REVIEW COPIES sent out or allies sought...

the idea is, "If it's your time, you'll  DISCOVER  these adult-issue dual/duelling novel/trilogies on your own," I can do nothing to help your mind's conversion to 'something less shit' than this corporate-horror prison-of-the-mind.

Free Planet by Hertzan Chimera
670 pages paperback & Kindle

Patent. Profit. Power.  
The Custodian Liberation is battling the forces of G3 or Global Gambling Game 
to secure your rights to your world.

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War World by Hertzan Chimera
620 pages paperback & Kindle

Deception. Danger. Dreams.
G3 or Global Gambling Game are ruthless in their pursuit of profit 
but what secrets lie behind their power of control

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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Great Pyramid in Giza - Metric dimensions show - it was built YESTERDAY

of course it's carved in (free-ma-sonic) stone

the METRE is a description of the radius, circumference and speed of rotation of this planet, Earth.

The central or Great Pyramid i.e. pyramid number two in the set of three at the Giza Plateau, is a picture of our own planet in stone and it's (trying to) teach us a very clever lesson involving maths and science and geography and astronomical cataclysm (and it has nothing to do with Carbon Taxation, people).


The obvious answer, and this is not mentioned in the above video nor in any 'alternative history' interpretation of The Giza Pyramid this blogger has watched, is that, "The Great Pyramid at Giza was clearly built YESTERDAY," and the builders are trying to open up our non-magical minds to the idea that Time Travel is as easy as a kid fitting a square block into a square hole, eventually. Each time we re-examine this geometric solid (isn't it evident that) it changes sufficiently so that as our intelligence grows we can accept it, intellectual fraction by fraction, over millennia. So that we aren't terrified by Some Strange New Intergalactic Reality where all this seeming magic is just The Everyday, and maybe it's what we do every night (when we're unconscious) when we dream.

When will someone think of re-routing the Nile (back to where it was 20,000 years ago) so that it can RE-ENERGISE this amazing extra-dimensional machine?

if (as researchers like Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock and others have suggested) the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were co-created in the Age of Leo i.e. 10,500 BC, that's only THE FIRST (retrogressive) Age of Leo.

If we take the second (r) Age of Leo, we're talking about 36,000 BC and if we're talking about the third (r) then that's 62,000 BC...
How far back does this Super Intelligent High Technology Ancient Monument builder race stretch? For how long have they been missing from the human timeline? Were they even human?

At some point, the limestone (insulating) casing stones will appear and we'll have all forgotten that this is another new part of the Great Big Puzzle Box that this structure is (blatantly) offering mankind.

Brexit - Ancient British Mediterranean Trading Language - United Kingdom Welsh.

is it time to totally reunite all the islands of this so-called United Kingdom under our once-tribal collective-understanding and one resurrected Ancient British Mediterranean Trading Language, i.e. WELSH, not this imported Romano-Germanic corporate overlay?

Certainly, come (Brexit) voting day, it'll never happen. There's no way we can discern which way to vote. Such are the corporate secrecy restrictions, we don't even have the data upon which to make a judgement call. As 'citizens' this is always the case, we don't even know what our Ancient Bronze Age or Pre-Ice Age or post-Dinosaur age heritage is... we're living in THE DARK ages. Unaware of who we really are.

And that's just the way Politics likes it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mike Philbin - Introversions Paintings - five new 60x60cm paintings

these five latest 60 cm x 60 cm stretched canvas abstracts have been in the making since the VERY FIRST PAINTING in this series, back in January of 2016.

Why do I say that?

Well, art (or writing) or any body of creative construction, is about narrative evolution and the tacit generation of syntax and grammar and some kind of reliable ruleset that relates to how the paint and canvas might interact.

I must have painted (in my head) about seven versions of these new paintings, and in the end I just had to get rid of all that mind-game crap and confidently apply the colour to the canvas using all the previous experience my left hand and my right hand have had with this art. There are (still) three white borders per picture. There are still two sides i.e. two colours, per picture. But the way the paint (breaches the Corpus Callosum divide, in brain terms) weaves and smears and enhances and occludes has finally come to some sort of happy (artist's soul reflective) medium.

FOR SALE: $900.00 each

FOR SALE: $900.00 each

FOR SALE: $900.00 each

FOR SALE: $900.00 each

FOR SALE: $900.00 each

Dr Heather Lynn - archaeologist turns conspiracy researcher - 2013 excavations near ancienty city of Ur

"So, did they find bones of giants @ Ur?"

The wiley interviewer pricks up his ears and asks "So, did they find the bones of Giants?" as his very first question on the discovery that a new site has been found near the ancient city of Ur.

Writer, researcher, and archaeologist, Dr. Heather Lynn, suggests that there's some general Corporate Oil/Banking Conspiracy about the alleged backers of this particular expedition in 2013 as she investigates who is behind the latest Sumerian discovery near the ancient city of Ur. Erm, she was receiving Death Threats based on her investigation of this story...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gary Biltcliffe - Legacy of the Etruscans - Khymry Khumry Cymru Umbria Cumbria Northumberland

Etruscan walls like the Peruvian polygonal walls.

in the closing moments of the following video presentation titled Legacy of the Etruscans, Gary Biltcliffe seems to be channeling the ever-contentious Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett team who claim to have translated all the thus-far-discovered Etruscan engravings, carvings and texts using the Coelbren Alphabet and an ancient Welsh (or Cwmryc) dictionary.

Their claim is 'reasonable translations' fall out of such a weird process... but not as weird as Biltcliff's claim that 'maybe the Etruscans or their Pelasgian forefathers helped cut the stones for Stonehenge'. Crackin' (dangerous) implications all crammed into 45 mins.

P.S. 1: if the Druids say that 'a carved standing stone is a dead standing stone', why do the Druids still worship at the carved-stone i.e. soul-killed stone, Stonehenge?

P.S. 2: I'm gonna beg Wilson and Blackett to supply some of their Etruscan translations to insert here... done, hope they reply, this time.

Dr Carmen Boulter - Matriarchal Societies In Prehistory - Full Lecture

Dr Carmen Boulter shares her personal insights into matriarchal societies in ancient Egypt and other cultures, giving a detailed analysis of the power of the feminine and how this was crushed by the patriarchy.

FURTHER VIEWING: and on the subject of the 'real date of the pyramids' and/or the sphinx... let's really open this debate up, "Not 10,500 BC as the earliest date, but maybe 26,000 years earlier," because of how the last date of Leo coincides with the end of the Last Ice Age.... are we really saying that a sphinx construction age of 36,000 years ago is valid? Weathering on the sphinx and the transit of the Nile suggests a vast length of time such as this... according to this supplemental video.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Graham Hancock - Lost Civilisation 10,500 BC - A species with Amnesia

Where did our Clever Ancestors go?

in case you haven't already seen it, here's Graham Hancock delivering his full lecture A SPECIES WITH AMNESIA at the Megalithomania Conference in Johannesburg, March 13th-14th 2011 co-hosted by Michael Tellinger.

Osiris - Robert Bauval - Jesus cult and the Osiris myth

the golden capstone
you might think this early Osiris or Ancient Pyramid Mythology video from renowned egyptologist and conceptualist Robert Bauval is about the building of the great pyramids and their pagan worship. Well, it kinda is, but this is merely a pseudo-historical device to introduce the concepts of Christ or Jesus or post-Osiris one-godness or Your Entire Belief system be you catholic or protestant or gnostic or muslim...

This video was made in a time before the pyramids were seen as some sort of Ancient Technology energy generater based around the splitting of water into electrical potential. And I don't really trust Bauval's ideas in their entirity, as they've changed over the years. But such 'project slip' happens with all thinking and the real important concept Bauval addresses (and it's not one of his own) is the reapportioning of the Osiris myth into the Matthew-gospel'd Nativity story of Jesus, of all Christianity.

1) the three magi - three 'wise men' following a star, like the three stars of Orion
2) the star of the east - announcing re-birth, like the solsticial reappearance of Sirius
3) the holy family seeks refuge - in Heliopolis, literally the birthplace of the pagan Osiris cult...

What is this Freemasonic ruling-elite cult-ure that's permeated modern top-down hierarchic control? And who is this (very western-named) 'Matthew' who wrote one of the four gospels (written in Greek for a Jewish audience) and what was his original agenda in doing so, in incorporating the Osiris myth into 'his telling' of the Jesus story? And who (or what, ultimately) is this invention Jesus? What real function does His infiltration into our collective psyches serve, for these Ancient Egyptian ruling elite now embedded in the governing of our modern world, our Free Planet?

in fact, from the earliest editorial moments in the above video BIG BANG THEORY (as recorded at the dawn history via the Osiris Myth) is the basis of life in this universe... something very suspicious is going on in our minds such that we're being scientifically manipulated to believe total and utter paganistic bullshit masquerading as the two-headed creation science+religion. It was evident from the earliest times that these two were always partners in crime.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: and because I'm clearly a fan of Bauval's dead-pan delivery, here's another of his lengthy presentations, this time at the Dolores Cannon conference, on the subject of the Ancient Egyptian Star Religion or Cult...

"The Giza Pyramids actually speak to us in the language of Prime Numbers and Astroglyphics," a universal communication, insists Robert Bauval.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Helen J Young - visions of Nepal - Kintsugi towers

Helen J Young
in July of 2014 (how time flies), Free Planet featured Oxfordshire artist Anna Dillon's exuberantly colourful landscapes.

I'd never seen Anna Dillon's paintings in the flesh, I just random'd upon them in one of my normal everyday internet grazing frenzies. 

Today, the wife and I decided to go for a picnic-walk, and I chose a walk that began at Cholsey (train station) and ended at Didcot (train station) which would take us through the village of Aston Tirrold where Anna Dillon lived, it was her last day of Art Weeks so it seemed opportune. Her work was as vibrant as the artist herself, great to meet her.

We discovered that there were other artists exhibiting under the Art Weeks banner in the village, so 'when in Rome'... my personal favourite was the (abstract) work of Helen J Young whose paintings were based on a recent trip to Nepal. This twenty or so paintings are mostly white-n-blue but the layering/texturing/rendering/ripping of the paint she uses is key to the form's success.

The edges of Young's three red Nepal abstracts caught the light like Mark Rothko's Seagram Murals... and her clay (Didcot Power Station) towers that we talked about, smashed and repaired with gold using the ancient Japanese technique called 'kintsugi' are also charming. Both below...

Gerald Pollack - Fourth Phase of Water - Sunlight induced electrolysis

Gerald Pollock recently did a presentation (at the Electric Universe 2015 conference) on how the Earth's atmosphere is rsponsible for the spin of hte Earth...

Now, you might think Pollock has gone mental suggesting that 'the atmosphere is the driving mechanism for both the Earth's spin and its electromagnetism.

Forget a molten metal core.
Forget a gravitational model.

Gerald Pollock here suggests that the wind 'that turns the Earth' comes from charge gradients that the sun sets up in the Earth's atmosphere. Not only is the charge force more powerful than gravity (by a factor of 10^38) but Pollock's presentation is both compelling and powerful.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "Do any non-atmosphere planets still rotate after five billion years since 'the sun formed them'?" if you're not thinking, you're wasting your time watching shit like this all f***ing day long. Right?

Pollock says it himself, THE EARTH'S SPIN ISN'T CONSTANT. It goes up and down. How? Any object that's spinning in a vaccuum will smoothly lose energy over time and will spin slower and slower - it's just the way Physics is.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Bronze Age Sword - British Leaf - Greek Xiphos

British or Greek?

so, what's that image of the glowing elven sword got to do with my so-called search for the ancient Welsh nations via Mediterranean traders/invaders in the middle of the first millennium before Christ i.e. 500 B.C. or so...

What's the connection, and why that scene from that Total European War film series Lord of the Rings and/or The Hobbit? This goes back to my continued investigations into the Coelbren alphabet that seems to have travelled from Turkey via Etruria and Portugal and on up to Wales.... it involves the contention that, "People of a certain race or nation will bring those things with them that define them."

So, look at the shape of the sword Bilbo Baggins receives, the glowing elven blade that glows in the presence of Orks. Omitting the fancy barbed handle, it's a classic leaf shaped sword such that was prevalent in the middle bronze age circa 500 BC in Britain and in Greece.

In Ancient Britain, it was seen as a leaf design bronze sword.
In Ancient Greece, it was called the Xiphos.

It's funny, to this blogger, that the same design of bronze sword co-exists in the Med and in the Valleys, at the same point in Earth's metallurgical journey.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Megalithomania - Wayne Herschel - Hidden Records BC

I love the ancient-investigative work of Wayne Herschel, he's found links to the Pleiades (Seven Sisters star constellation) in most cultures around the world.

Here's the latest March 2016 presentation of Herschel's thoughts on 'where we really come from' and 'where we're really going' at some point in the future...

Megalithomania - Antoine Gigal - The Divine Island of Giza

1878 map of Giza Plateau

French/Egyptian scholar Antoine Gigal reads Ancient Egyptian and other ancient languages.... she's also found Whale and Dolphin skeletons around the Giza Pyramid Plateau/Complex.

Gigal's contention is that the Entire Giza Plateau was flooded by the Nile River, for three months every year, and should be called The Divine Island of Giza. Remember, of course, that (in this time - 5,000 to 1,000 BC - depending on construction time) water has always been of great importance to Megalithic and Neolithic People, where flooding might have periodically filled British/European circular ditches. Especially prevalent to the Giza pyramids because the appear to have been 'managing' water within the complex to 'fuel' some resonant capacity of the Giza Pyramids, according to other research.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: okay, I'm now such a gaping fanboy of Gigal's work, I'm going to post her following-day presentation on the subject of theThe Pyramid Complex of Mauritius. She (among other researchers) is finding such Pyramidic structures from our ancient past ALL OVER THE F***ING WORLD.

Watch, listen; learn....

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Free Planet - We Are Not Here To Wake Up The Masses - War World


I realise that now, but it hurts to know no-one wants a Free Planet and will always be slaves to the corporate whims and amoral demands of the Corporate Machine of Death. I suspect this is what it means to achieve 'enlightenment', that pointlessness of the struggle is a waste of your time. I had such hope, believed I could make a difference, for so many years, but now I'll step back from the war of yours vs mine, pull back from even trying... I shall BE and that'll have to suffice.

Though I've been promoting the Free Planet Group on Facebook for quite a while, it eventually becameobvious that there was no Creativity, Passion and Kinship to be found in this group, at all. Just a random collective of subscribed entities LIKEing the posts I (mostly) made. And that's not a Free Planet, that's an ideological dictatorship where (I convince myself that) I've won. People are fucked, and that's how it's gonna be forever. Therefore, the group was pointless and is now no more. The (laughingly naive) plan to liberate people from their corporate hellhole was ultimately unachievable. That life is WHAT THEY ARE and you can't change that.

That's what it means to 'be awake' and saddened by unanimous complacency... it hurts.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Gosford Glyphs - preDynastic Egyptian hieroglyphics - found in Australia!

Mike, what kind of crazy shit is this, "The Gosford Glyphs?" you're telling me these supposed hieroglyphics about two brothers of an early Pharoah are not some fakes crudely carved by some Australian Uni-kids out on a beer bender in the Aussie Outback?

Well, when you compare them to the Standard Glyph Lists used by Ancient Egyptian Writing Experts, Interpreters and Academics, there's a lot that appears to be wrong with them - unknown shapes, shapes facing the wrong way, UFOs.... blah blah blah. As mentioned in an earlier post about Steve and Evan Strong, this is attested by the Elders of the Ab-Original people of Australian who helped discover them and share their reality with the world.

What's going on here seems to be that the Gosford Glyphs pre-date the usual Dynastic Egyptian hieroglyphics by a couple thousand years, stretching right back to 3,500 BC or earlier ... and here's the biggee, "They were found on facing sheer cliff faces in the Australian Outback." The researchers of this glyph text are the famous Egyptian tourist guides and Egyptian scholars Mohamed Ibrahim and Yousef Awyan, presented by Patricia Awyan.

Rivetting material and stunning (global (societal) explorational) consequences... now fully translated and authenticated by Experts in Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Language.

...and did you notice the 'pharoah boomerangs' (originally exhibited in the old Cairo Museum) shown at the end of video3? Steve and Evan Strong do go on about the Ab-Originals being the original voyagers of the sea and the trade would have gone 'that way' to Egypt, not necessarily 'this way' to Australia ... but it's all about the Cultural Connection. Thousands of years before archaeology says such happened.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Steven & Evan Strong - not Out of Africa - The Seven Sisters and two human gene lines

Neolithic 2,000°C + knife = lines on melted rock surface

over the last few days, I've been stunned... literally stunned... by the stunning work of two Australian researchers Steven & Evan Strong.

"One thing many people don't know is, Rebecca Caan and Allan Wilson the original proponents of the Out of Africa (Mitochondrial Eve) theory RECANTED." It's Australia... [source STRONG]

You can search for Steven & Evan Strong yourselves, there are lots of more-detailed video presentations out there (one of my favourites is on the Dr Rita Louise website, I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed with her alternative-Humanity stories) but this one sums it all up in the most concise manner. The Seven Sisters are the Pleiades, and fellow South African researcher Wayne Herschel's gonna be very excited to find this kind of corroboration of his own HOTs or Human Origin Theories.

"The Pleiades are our real Home," say the Ab-Original Elders, our real genetic fathers - and soon they'll show us how.

WEEK LATER UPDATE: found this accompanying duo of videos from Steve and Evan Strong titled THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD and it's about rocks... watch if you're at all interested in Ancient Technology and Lost Skills and Assets of a Missing Link in Human Ancestry.

Mike Philbin - Dichotomy Paintings - one death, five new births

May 13th 2016

let's call it one death, it's actually the three 100x50cm canvases above, this set of three... I'd already destroyed a set of three 100x50cm four-colour'd paintings. I'd already destroyed a set of three 40x60cm three-colour'd paintings. It's been a while since I looked at my paintings and thought, "Yeah, you'll have to go in the next cull."

I realised there was something wrong with the above set of three, INSTANTLY, because I'd tried too hard to Thinky Them into existence, little sketches and measurements and everything, "I know what I was trying to do when I created them but I really fucking hate them, with a passion." Now they're gone. Axed them after breakfast and coffee. Good riddance. Their replacements will be more relevant to the Family, less contrived.

The five new births are a radical departure from the safe world of dark-light left-right I'd gifted myself, they break the borders, they show canvas between the two worlds, they're all 60x40cm and they're dangerous and I love them. In fact, the fifth of these images convinced me how bad the above three were, hence this new post.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Albert Omoss - naked organic architectures - codified human flesh

original source

Californian motion graphics artist Albert Omoss, according to his website:
works around the existential motifs of computer simulation. His surrealist blending of organic and inorganic raises questions about human technological progress. His pieces often explore the fragility of the human form, the aesthetic complexity of physical processes, and the relationship between organisms and advanced technologies.

What this means in practise, and prepare yourselves, is this...

form r03 - mountain shelter from Albert Omoss on Vimeo.

form o16 - mutualism from Albert Omoss on Vimeo.

form n11 - objectification from Albert Omoss on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ancient British Kings - 1,500 BC to 600 AD - the Khumry and their Coelbren Alphabet

King Brutus, Lemnos stele written in the ancient Coelbren alphabet

Free Planet has written (more than) one or two blogposts about Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett's assertions that the descendants of the sixty ancient Kings of Britain kicked out the Romans (that the southern English tribes invited into Britain) and pursued them across Europe in the fourth century, at their head one King Arthur.

Wilson & Blackett certainly have a colourful history with a long list of petty crimes/accusations attached to their cause but they claim to be able to apply their Coelbren alphabet cypher to ancient Etruscan and Rhaetian and Syrian inscribed artefacts found in their native countries and in UK and in USA and then use an older version of modern Welsh to resolve the translations into non-nonsense English. That in itself should absolve them, no?

Hebrew Nations website has covered their claims in great (sceptical) detatil and the Sovereign Wales website has probably the most concise re-imagining of Wilson & Blackett's historical British timeline, it's really fascinating stuff if you've never seen it before. Even the BBC reported that the DNA of the Welsh suggests that they are much older and more distinct from the majority of Brits. And we've all wondered at Tom Jones' curly hair and dark complexion...

Wilson & Blackett also make the grander-scale claim that, "The Welsh aren't (nor were they ever, mainland European i.e.) Celtic," they are Khumric - a people of the (mediterranean) sea. Did these trader-invaders speak Aramaic? Phonecian? Pelasgic? What did the Khumric language even sound like and why does Welsh have such linguistic affinity with Hebrew?

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ben Davidson - The Sun/Earthquake Connection - Space News

when you're looking for a solar activity vs Earth-quakes correlation...

forget sun spots
forget solar flares
forget the geomagnetic index

Those things that scientists traditionally look for when trying to find pattern in the sun/earthquakes relationship aren't where you need to be looking but Ben Davidson has found a more reliable trigger mechanism for large scale earthquakes on Earth.

Sure, the sun has an eleven-year sunspot min/max cycle but one can't consistently relate this to large 8.0+ magnitude earthquakes on Earth, or where they'll strike. The real driving mechanism for the larger Earth-quakes (Davidson contests) appears to be the underlying eleven-year cycle of Solar Polar Magnetic Cycle.

Basically, the sun's magnetic pole enters a negative magnetism peak, whammo...

Monday, May 09, 2016

photorealism - Sook Sri-amnuay - beauty's in the eyes.

that's the photorealist painting by Thai artist Sook Sri-amnuay the whole internet is raving about... sure, it's excellent photorealism and attention to woolly detail, but me, I'm strange, and I prefer his strangely alluring large-eye ginger-blonde ladies.

Beauties, indeed.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Halton Arp - the true source of red shift - Quasars at the edge of Spiral Galaxies

for the longest time, I've rattled on in my HC Unit-conceptual way that, "Big Bang never happened. The universe isn't expanding. Large red-shifted light is not Receeding Light but TIRED LIGHT i.e. light that's shifted into the microwave over the aeons that it's been travelling towards our detectors." I still don't know if I'm right or wrong, but...

Red shift is the series of lines in a star's light spectrum by which its distance is quesstimated.

I just got into an online conversation with Wal Thornhill of the Thunderbolts Project (The Electric Universe People) and he genially put up with my HC Unit 'tired light' pestering questions for a few rounds before referencing the work of Halton Arp to conclude that, with relation to (high red-shift)  Quasars, "It's simply assumed that high-redshift equates to distance. Halton Arp showed this is not so. It's an indicator of youthfulness, not distance." this ineresting link Wal shared with me is about  Plasma Redshift.

Halton Arp (who died in 2013) was sacked from forced to resign from his position at the Carnegie Insitute for his beliefs about this radical source of red shift. Big Bang theory says, "The greater the red shift i.e. dimmer the object, the greater the speed of recession of the source in an Expanding Universe." Halton Arp's eventually-condensing high-red-shift proto-quasars at the edges of spiral galactic arms suggest that red shift can't be trusted...

Look, the initial video I sourced was infathomable (and probably quite boring) to those readers of Free Planet who had no technical knowledge of cosmological terminology, the one above is a lot more Free Planet-reader friendly.

Summary: if red-shift is attached to a PLASMATIC UNIVERSE and reduces when that plasma condenses to matter, then we can't use red-shift to determine the distance to these stars in these galaxies. Stars and planets condense from these extra-galactic eruptions or Quasars. As their higher red-shifts relate to younger galaxies i.e. aren't tied to Expanding Universe, the stars and galaxies might not be as far as we currently believe.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Gobekli Tepe - after 9,600 BC - a burgeoning reassessment of the Neolithic period

very telling phrase in the first video, "Yes, the earlier sculptures and megaliths (discovered at Gobekli Tepe) were more competently dressed, carved, decorated, than later pillars."

This is something that's also evident in the ante-diluvian sites in Peru and Bolivia and Egypt namely vast polygonal walls made of mortarless interconnected blocks of super-hard stone like marble and andesite that were then found by later Mayan Inca Toltec cultures and repaired to the bronze age standard of the day. Such findings break the whole 'mankind slowly evolved as his artistic brain was given full reign'. Not true, it seems. Mankind got more useless at these earlier architectural and artistic skills after an initial FERTILE MIND PERIOD around the time of the end of the last ice age.

Maybe someone or something killed off this super-creative (maybe giant (maybe enormously brained i.e. conhead'd) educational race, and only the servants of these intellectual overlords remained to continue the farming game, stretching their kids' heads with boards wrapped with rope, and making ridiculous human sacrifices of their own people to appease these 'what they saw as superhumans or 'gods''.

and then (from the same Turkish website) what seems to be a full archaeological re-analysis of the flow of time fuelled by the findings at Gobekli Tepe and nearby sites in Turkish hill country or what's known as The Fertile Crescent stretching upwards from Palestine NW then SE to Iran.

The Marcianos - Tanker Enemy - Chemtrails: The Secret War

A new Italian film, Chemtrails: The Secret War has been released showing a disturbing covert military agenda behind the sinister phenomenon, one that according to evidence presented includes far more than weather manipulation for “climate change.”

“The US Air Force has the capability of manipulating climate either for testing purposes or for outright military-intelligence use,” economist Chossudovsky wrote. “These capabilities extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes. In recent years, large amounts of money have been allocated by the US Department of Defense to further developing and perfecting these capabilities." [source MARCIANOS]

Yeah, it's in Italian with subtitles, deal with that.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Brien Foerster - Puma Punku And Tiahuanaco In Bolivia - Definitive Analysis

initial findings by Brien Foerster at (same location, effectively) Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku, suggest smelting factories for metal-working and metallurgy, not temples. Certain types of stone at both sites appear to be HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE, like seven times background radiation!

  • Background radiation @ Tiahuanaco = 21
  • Background radiation @ Puma Punku = 90

The demise of this ancient (dual)site suggests that a tsunami from (nearby) Lake Titikaka covered the site in feet of mud and debris. We're talking a Pre-Inca Pre-Maya Pre-Aztec Pre-Toltec catastrophe that eradicated a race of humanity from the planet. Maybe this wave was akin to Pompei's fateful event...

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Khemitology - Egypt before the Pharoahs - Abd'el Hakim Awyan

image source
if we're (the west) going to interpret the Minds and Motivations of the Ancients of Egypt, or those amazing engineers who built the pyramids the later Pharoahs ego-graffiti'd, shouldn't we actually listen (or receive testimony from) those people who might have been tasked with the Druid-like Oral-tradition of Khemitology (the origin of the term Alchemy).

equates with the five cyclic Ages of Humanity

65,000 BC - 38,000 BC (age of KHEPER "The Dawn")
38,000 BC - 25,000 BC (age of RA "The Stubborn")
25,000 BC - 12,000 BC (age of OON "The Wise")
12,000 BC - 6,000 BC (age of ATEN "The Wiser")
6,000 BC - Nowadays (age of AMUN "The Hidden")

The pyramids were erected in the Age of Ra/Oon i.e. 25,000 BC - so says world-famous Egypt-guide Abd'el Hakim Awyan who seems to know more than a thing or two about Egypt and Energies and What It's All Suppposed to Mean... we should listen to his words. Right?

EGYPT-TECH SUPPLEMENTAL: in the spirit of editorial fairness, I'm now going to present a counter-argument about 'what the Egyptians knew' and who (the traditional archaeological field says) really built the pyramids, how and when... it's properly convincing, especially the comment about 'copper tools' that can chip away at stone and core out holes...  not cast copper, obviously, but cold-hammered copper.

And the other tech, it's just a piece of string...


the corporo-gov military-industrial-complex acronym USAP means Unacknowledged Special Access Project. USAP is basically an off-books secret-research umbrella for all the things in the sky that we think are extra-terrestrial in origin, all things that exhibit or utilise free-energy or zero-point technology, all things of various multi-dimensional flavour that seem to break the laws of physics as we know them, according to researcher, author and public speaker Dr Steven Greer.

Following Sirius, one of the most successful Crowdfunded documentaries in history, Dr. Greer and his team are producing "Unacknowledged : An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History". "Unacknowledged" is named after the super- secret and illegal Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) that deal with the UFO/ET issue." [source GREER]

USAP is the real wings of the air force/navy, the real rockets of space exploration and the real competition to the oil industry, according to Greer. They are unregulated by Congress and unlimited in their Scope. Here's the new crowdfundraiser trailer:

MAY 4TH UPDATE: Dr. Steven Greer announces "The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy" once and for all. A campaign for the people, by the people.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Ancient Archaeology - the rock wall - Rockwall TX

Oh, what's this little thing?

It's a picture of a wall. An ancient rock wall. In Rockwall TX (that's Texas, for those who don't know, in the U.S of A.). An almost intact buried rectangular wall 4 miles wide and 7 miles long. The top of the wall at all outcroppings found to date have a uniform elevation of 550 feet above mean sea level.

Most people living in Rockwall TX don't even know that their city was named after an ancient Rock Wall that was found while some FreeMasons were digging a well looking for water a long time ago.

Josh Reeves is undertaking an investigation into this strange man-made boundary but it's an interesting beginning...

SUPPLEMENTARY FOOTAGE: here Reeves really goes off on one in his attempt to resolve the Giant Mound City Builders question... sourcing reference material from Star Trek: Into Darkness.